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As the leader in lacrosse programming, All American is pleased to add this important aspect of the game to really help players to develop their skills.  This year, we are migrating away from a “hybrid box/field” approach to a real box lacrosse format.  Players will first be taught by Canadian instructors experienced in box lacrosse.  You’ll learn the rules of box lacrosse, the staples of offense and defense, and the aspects of “the two man game” and other strategies for success.  All American will have Warrior Fatboy or Gremlin protective gear to loan you during play.  We’ll then continue on with box lacrosse play in our league.

Box Lacrosse provides a number of important benefits that help field players perform better.

  1. The ball never goes out of bounds.  You’ll get an active, intense game every time you play. Sharpens skills and stamina.
  2. Close Confines.  You’ll have to move off-ball because box lacrosse requires play-making.  Dodging through a crowd doesn’t work.
  3. Improve Speed.  Defense will be on you in no time.  You will have to move fast.
  4. Stick skills.  You need superior stick protection and quick decision making to play box lacrosse.
  5. Small Goals.  You have to have good shot selection and accuracy to score.
  6. Two-Man Game.  Pick & rolls and give-and-go are the staple of play-making in this game.  Learn how to do it well.
Session 1: November 8 thru January 11 | Session 2: January 17 thru March 8
For U13 Boys, U15 Boys, HS JV, and HS Varsity
High School: One -hour games on Saturdays between 2:30 and 6:30 p.m.
U13/U15: One-hour games on Sundays between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.


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